The Tune Up

Brakes £20, gears £25

Both £39 

plus parts

Collect & Return just £14 Extra

The 'Tune Up' is ideal if your bike is in otherwise good order - but the gears need adjusting so that they shift better, or your brakes need adjusting so that you can stop safely.

You're welcome to select either just brakes or just gears - or leave it to me to adjust whatever becomes apparent when I give it the once over.

The fitting of brake pads and blocks are included, as is the fitting of a new chain - parts are extra though.


If it becomes apparent that your brakes or gears need more than adjusting and replacement of consumables (such as new cables, brake bleeds, or a derailleur hanger straightening etc), then it may well be more cost effective to upgrade to specific jobs, or to 'The Service, or The Works". I will always discuss options with you first.

I include a visual safety check because it's the right thing to do for a fellow cyclist. This includes frame, tyres, brake system, drivetrain, critical fastenings such as wheel and stem/bar bolts, bar tape/grips/ends, wheel rims/spokes/hubs.

The above also assumes that your bike isn't caked in animal poo or blood (yes, it has happened!), isn't made technically difficult and time consuming by things such as electronics and internally routed hoses and cables, or previous - non compatible - upgrades. None of which are a problem to do, it's just that additional work and cost will be involved.