Below is a list of service packages and guide labour prices for you to be able to compare with others.

 Parts are extra, but not listed due to the huge variety of of types/specs/prices that are out there.


Internet Parts: I'm more than happy to fit parts/tyres that you have already purchased.

Please make sure they are compatible with your bike prior to ordering/handing to me to unbox and fit.

Any parts your bike needs are always quoted after I've put the bike on the stand - and not installed until I've had your approval to do so. Please be aware that fixing one part that is preventing a bike being ridden may then lead onto

identifying other parts that may need replacing once it is ridden on test.

To book a service please head over to the form on the Contact page.

Bike Gears

Quick Fix


From £10 plus parts,

Repair call out fee £29, including first half hour.*


Just need a puncture repair or some new brake blocks putting on?


Purchased some internet parts and realised you don't have the tools to do the job, or those You Tube tutorials made it look way easier than it turned out? Then bring your bike to me in Moulton (appointments only), and I will soon get you back on track.

For individual prices see below for a guide/comparison for a number of common tasks. Do note, though, that if you have lots of jobs that need doing then those individual prices will be discounted down to save you money.

*If I'm unable to fix at yours, then I will take it away and return when it's done, but you won't be charged an additional collect and return fee.

Call out fee may be higher for visits further afield please ask.


Standard Service

£47 plus parts,

£12 collect and return fee if required.

This is the best option if your bike is doing OK, but needs a good safety check and some adjustments to make it run far better.

Note - this service includes ACTUALLY DOING STUFF to your bike - not just looking at it and telling you what's wrong! (I'm not naming names here - but I advise you to compare what you get for your money when shopping around). 

The standard service involves a check of everything on your bike. Any adjustments to brakes, gears, tyre pressures, saddle, seat post, and stems/bars, lubrication of seat post, are included, as is the replacement of consumables such as cables/ brake blocks/chains if required (internal cables may incur additional labour cost, however).

Any further work required will be agreed in advance - at a fair price, and completed as quickly as possible.

Why no next level service option?

This service covers most service type checks and adjustments. Any repairs or less frequently required tasks, such as bearing replacements, are best priced according to what your bike needs and what specific work needs to be done.


Specific Jobs

Let's have a chat..


Whether your bike is a hard working commute bike, has just come out of the back of your shed after years of inactivity, or is a well loved friend that needs some well deserved tlc - then I'm here to help.

This is also the best option if your bike doesn't need a full service, but just needs the brakes bleeding, or a new bottom bracket fitting etc.

I can also provide accident damage quotes too.

Prices will vary depending on your needs/budget/time required - but will be discussed with you in detail and agreed in advance.

Don't worry about the price list below - I always discount for multiple tasks.

Prices are workshop labour prices, Parts are extra.

 I can collect evenings and weekends as well as

during 'office hours'.


Many of these tasks can be included within the service price, so don't worry about your bill skyrocketing!


If you need several jobs doing then adding up all the individual prices may cause you to need a sit down. Don't worry - these prices are for individual tasks. I ALWAYS discount the cost for multiple tasks on a bike as required.

Smaller jobs, such as puncture repairs, are subject to the £20 call out price if I come to you, but not so if you come to me (please contact to arrange a time).

Wheels and Tyres

Wheel True - from £15

Replace spoke during wheel true - per spoke £4.50

Replace inner tube or tyre - £10 per wheel/£18 for both

Replace already tubeless tyre - £20 per tyre max, but reduced if it goes on like a dream (lack of industry standards mean this isn't always possible/predictable). Tyre sealant extra.

Tubeless tyre conversion - POA. It's complicated....

Replace rear cogs (cassette) £10

Replace axle - front £14, rear £20

Bearing service £20 front or rear/ £30 both

Hub cartridge replacement - from £25

Wheel build from £40 front/ £50 rear


Replace brake pads £8 front or back/ £12 both front and back

Replace disc pads £10 front or back/ £15 both front and back

Replace brake cables £6, internal - from £9

Replace brake caliper/cable inner - £1o front or back/ £15 both front and back

Replace brake cable inner and outer - £12/£20 front and back

Bleed air from hydraulic brakes (simple fix) £10 per lever

Replace fluid and bleed hydraulic brakes £20 per lever plus cost of fluid.

Simple adjustment of any cable operated brakes - from £9 per lever.

Replace disc rotor £10

Replace Mtb brake lever and bleed (hydraulic) £25

Replace road brake lever, re-tape, and bleed (hydraulic) £35

Replace MTB cable brake lever £15

Replace road cable lever and re-tape £22

Drive Train

Simple adjustment of gears £10 

Replace inner gear cable and adjust £7, internal from £10

Replace rear derailleur - £20 (includes replacing cable)

Replace front derailleur - £20 (includes replacing cable)

Replace rear derailleur, chain and cassette - £35

Replace derailleur hanger - £12

Straighten derailleur hanger (if possible) and adjust gears £20

Replace rear derailleur, hanger, cable, and chain £35

Replace chain - £12

Replace cassette/freewheel £15

Replace chainring - £15

Replace crankset - £20

Replace pedals - from £8 set (more if seized)

Replace MTB levers/cable - £15 per lever

Replace road levers/bar tape/cables - £30 for both - additional price if hydraulic.


Adjust headset - £10

Fit new headset - £25

Fit replacement stem - from £12

Remove headset and fit a new one - £30

Replace headset bearings - loose/caged £15  / cartridge £20

Fit/cut new forks to a bare frame - £35 metal steerer/ £40 carbon steerer

Fit new star fangled nut - £10

Grease and adjust headset - £15

Fit new stem - £10 

Fit replacement handlebars MTB and replace levers/grips - £15

Fir replacement handlebars Road and replace tape and levers - £30

Bottom Brackets

Remove and replace bottom bracket - from £20

Clean and replace loose bottom bracket bearings - from £15

Clean/retap bottom bracket threads - £30


Bar tape - £15

Fit replacement saddle/post £12

Full length mud guards - £15

Bike Builds

New bike - out of the box - £45

Safety check/adjust of new internet bike that you've assembled - £20

New frame - parts swapped from existing bike - from £90 (subject to compatibility)

Custom Bike Build (all new parts) - from £95


All prices subject to change.

Actual prices will be as per quote - as some prices may be discounted, or maybe subject to a surcharge (such as technically difficult and time consuming internal cable runs on some bikes).