Where to find me. (appointments only, address below)


I'm just a guy.


I work most days to keep my fellow cyclists on two wheels.


I talk too much about bikes and cycling.

I'm sometimes unable to answer calls if I'm working on someone's bike, riding my own bike, talking about cycling,

chatting with my lovely, very understanding, but non cycling, wife

- or if I'm having my dinner (etc).


I'm pretty much working on bikes, or responding to messages and calls about bikes, 7 days a week.


Feel free to call or message me at any reasonable time.

I will get back to you as soon as I'm able/it's appropriate for me to do so.

I work from my home, and doing so successfully depends upon all my customers being respectful of all my fantastic neighbours - especially when it comes to parking cars. 

Please block my driveway - and never my neighbours' driveways.


16 Greenfinch Drive




if Google takes you to a road of bungalows - it's wrong. please just enter the address without a postcode.