The Service

£55 plus parts

Collect & Return just £14 Extra

'The Service' is ideal for bikes that are in good order, but are being brought back into service, are well used and need some love, or are about to get used more than they have been.

Please be aware when shopping around that THIS ACTUALLY INVOLVES ME DOING THINGS TO YOUR BIKE! Not naming names, but it's all too common for the big boys to perform a 'service' that pretty much involves plenty of looking at you bike, and some time then spent telling you how much they will charge you for carrying out the sort of jobs that are included within a Fix That Bike service, but not theirs. 

As well as all the stuff included in The Tune Up, I will also deep clean the drive train; remove the forks to check, clean/replace and lube the headset bearings; and remove the seat post to clean and lubricate it to avoid it seizing.

Also included is the labour to carry out other tasks. The types of tasks listed below will not all be required on your bike. An example maybe that I serviced your headset last time, but this time you'd like some new tyres fitted. I'm not one for sucking in some air and saying 'tyres changes aren't included' - I will just carry out the work that needs doing and keep your bill as low as I can.

Another example maybe that your bike has been put through its paces (or terrible neglected in a leaky shed), and loads of the available options are required to get the thing up and running again. In this case, and before you've spent any money, I will tot it all up for you and recommend a more appropriate service or repair package instead.

Examples of things your bike may need doing, and that I can include a few of within

the service price (but not all of them Mr Greedy!!) include:

Fitting of new tubed tyres

Truing a wheel or two.

Replacing externally routed gear or brake cable inners.

Replacing many types of bottom bracket.

Performing a simple brake bleed.

Replacing a cassette or crankset.

Replacing headset bearings

Servicing wheel hubs.

Fitting new pedals or saddle.

Replacing bar grips or tape.

Straightening or replacing derailleur hanger.

Replacing derailleur or jockey wheels.

Replacing headset bearings.

I include a visual safety check because it's the right thing to do for a fellow cyclist. This includes frame, tyres, brake system, drivetrain, critical fastenings such as wheel and stem/bar bolts, bar tape/grips/ends, wheel rims/spokes/hubs.

Parts are extra.

The above also assumes that your bike isn't caked in crap or blood (yes, it has happened!), isn't made technically difficult and time consuming by things such as internally routed hoses and cables, or previous - non compatible - upgrades, doesn't require replacement of tubeless tyres or repair of wheels that are fitted with tubeless tyres.

None of these are a problem to do, it's just that additional work and cost will be involved.