Hello. I'm Martin. 

Whatever your bicycle needs - I can help.

It works like this:

I repair and service bikes in a way that better suits the needs of modern life.

I'm located in Northampton, and am here to help people living in the town, or any of the surrounding villages.

You are welcome to drop off and collect your bike for service/repair by appointment - or for an additional charge of just £12 I can save you a load of bother and come and pick it up/return it when you require a Bike Service. 


Minor repairs such as punctures/ adjustments can be brought to me (by appointment please) to be fixed while you wait. If you're unable to bring to me then an additional £29 call out fee applies, and includes the first 30 minutes of labour..

As I only repair and service bikes, all my attention goes onto the job you need me to do. Being a small outfit, I don't have sales or speed targets: I just give your bike the time and attention that it deserves - for as little cost to you as is possible (I need to pay the bills, but do like to sleep with a good conscience).

Without having pricey rents/ costly business rates/ rows of shiny new bikes in a showroom/ shareholders to keep in champagne - I can be so much cheaper and more convenient than the big boys!

I accept payment in cash/card/bank transfer.

I love riding and fixing bikes - and spending time with fellow cyclists, so look forward to hearing from you soon.

Feel free to contact me to chat about how I can help you.

Stay safe. Stay out there. Martin


Service - or just a Repair?


It's best to go for a service option if you have multiple adjustments that need attending to, or if the bike needs a once over due to having lots of use/very little use - as this will save you money.

The Service includes a full safety and external component check, as well as basic gear and brake adjustments etc.


A repair is all that's needed if your bike is in otherwise good condition, and just needs an item or two attending to. I will always safety check and advise if other parts need attention - and will suggest a swap if it becomes apparent that a service package will be better value.


In summary, on taking a look I will be able to identify the problems on your bike, and recommend the work that is required. If it's a just a repair and a couple of adjustments then that's what will be charged for.


If a repair is going to be uneconomic I will always tell you before I crack on.